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Explore the full potential of A2P Messaging with sophisticated A2P SMS testing tools, with 24/7 reporting availability.


Telcotest provides forward-thinking services!


TelcoTest provides secure message routing for A2P, P2A, and P2P messaging, ensuring reliable delivery over legitimate, transparent routes.

SMS Testing

A tool that helps MNOs get visibility of how international A2P SMS services reach mobile subscribers.

TelcoTest’s solution helps you protect your network against the top weaknesses in International A2P SMS monetization and control.

TelcoTest solves your problems!

International A2P revenue leakage

Lost termination revenue caused by grey routes

Increases in fraud due to traffic flow vulnerabilities


TelcoTest provides you with complete solutions!


Ensure stable revenue and traffic growth from your MNO’s international messaging business


Detect and highlight unauthorized routes and fraud.
Gain daily control over the flow of international messaging.
Make your messaging traffic visible and transparent.

Monitoring & control

Online monitoring of A2P SMS traffic termination.
On-demand reporting of every single fraudulent behavior.


Build subscriber loyalty and improve your customer experience.
Assert control over messaging route quality.


TelcoTest provides a range of Benefits!

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